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Vriesendorp & Gaade offers monitoring services for obtaining information about filings, registrations and/or rights of third parties.

Patent monitoring

A search in the patent databases may provide answers to questions that are relevant with respect to business management. For classification searches, a database is searched every month on the basis of a query agreed to with the client. Number monitoring regards the monitoring of a patent application of a competitor. A literature search is intended to gain insight in the chances to acquire a valid patent or to gain insight about the chances in nullity proceedings against a patent of a competitor.

Trademark watch

After the registration of your trademark, it is important to have your trademark watched. By means of a permanent watch in the relevant jurisdictions, you will be timely informed of new applications/registrations of potentially conflicting trademarks filed/registered by others.

Customs watch

Vriesendorp & Gaade provides specific monitoring by custom authorities at all European outer borders. Holders of IP-rights such as a patent, trademark or a design can request the customs to look out for goods that infringe those rights.

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