Santa Claus Detector

Christmas Patent: The Santa Claus Detector

Just before the holidays, we went looking for a patent that fits in the theme of the festive season. We found US patent US 5,523,741 A of 1994, which describes a Santa Claus Detector for detecting a visit from the good old man. According to the applicant for the patent, this is important, especially for young children who want to confirm that they have behaved well and that their good behavior has been rewarded with a visit by Santa.

Figure 1A of US 5,523,741 A shows a mantle piece with the usual christmas decorations, including a stocking which at the toe portion is connected to a decorative pull cord 40.

Figure 1A of US 5,523,741 A

From figures 2 and 3 it becomes clear that this is no ordinary stocking, but a stocking with an integrated trigger. The pullcord 40 of figure 1A is connected with a switch 30 in the stocking which, when activated, produces a signal. The signal may be the actuation of the decorative lighting 18 or the playback of music through the music generator 50.

 Figures 2 and 3 of US 5,523,741 A

See Espacenet for the original patent publication.

The team of Vriesendorp & Gaade wishes you happy holidays!