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Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator of a literary, scientific or artistic work to publish and reproduce it. To be eligible for protection a work has to meet two requirements; 1.The work has to have an original and individual character; 2.The work has to be expressed in such a manner so as to be perceptible by the senses.

No registration requirement

Copyright arises automatically as a result of the creation, the “making” of the work. There is no registration requirement, as is for instance the case with trademarks and it is not required to state that “copyright is reserved”, etc.

Vriesendorp & Gaade attorneys at law

The specialists of Vriesendorp & Gaade’s give advice on and litigate about all legal aspects of copyright. We can among others advise you on what protection copyright may and may not afford you and assist you in the negotiations regarding transfer and licensing.

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