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EU trademarks and registered Community designs after the Brexit

The Brexit means that as from March 30, 2019, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union. What are the consequences for your IP rights in the European Union, such as EU trademarks and registered Community designs, after... read more

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New opportunities with the modernized EU trademark law

As of this month, some important provisions of the modernized European trademark law entered into force that provide new possibilities, such as the possibility to register sounds, smells, taste and movements. The purpose of the reform package, originally... read more

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Protective letters to prevent seizure of evidence

Hopefully it has not happened to you yet: seizure of evidence because of alleged patent infringement. In a seizure of evidence, bailiffs may seize stock, machines, company computers and other important assets by surprise. In practice a... read more


Major patents of VMI upheld in China

Major invention patents related to tire building technology of VMI are upheld in China. These patents were challenged by Safe-Run as their defense in the ongoing legal dispute, in which VMI is suing Safe-Run for infringement of VMI’s protected... read more

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