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This page features news articles about the field of Intellectual Property, for example about the Unitary patent or other law changes, and news articles about Vriesendorp & Gaade.

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Unified Patent Court (UPC) will not start in 2017

The UPC Preparatory Committee has confirmed in a press release that the previously announced target date for the entry into operation of the Unified Patent Court (UPC), envisaged for December 2017, cannot be maintained. A new timeline has not yet... read more

European Union

Brexit delays Unitary patent

The early general elections in the UK ahead of the Brexit negotiations are bound to delay the start of the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent. The launch of the Unitary patent system in December 2017 seems no longer possible. A new timeline... read more


Brexit formally started: no ratification of UPC yet

On March 29, 2017, the Brexit was formally started. It was expected that the British government would move to ratify the UPC agreement before Article 50 was triggered. Now that this has not happened, the British participation in the Unitary patent again... read more


Unitary patent still a possibility in 2017?

The introduction of the Unitary patent seemed something of the distant future because of the 'Brexit'. However, a recent statement of the British government revealed an intention to ratify the Unitary Patent Court Agreement. Surprising, because the Unitary... read more


The Netherlands ratifies the UPC agreement

The Netherlands becomes the 11th country of the required 13 countries to have ratified the Agreement regarding the Unified Patent Court (UPCA). When the Unitary patent system is operational, the UPC will decide on the validity of and infringement... read more


VMI wins patent infringement lawsuit against Chinese copycat

A huge victory in VMI’s fight against patent infringement! The Chinese Intellectual Property Court supported VMI on all claims and awarded the full compensation requested by VMI to be paid by Shuangjun Plastic and Rubber Machinery Ltd. Already... read more


'Brexit' and the Unitary patent

The UK has voted to leave the European Union, the so-called 'Brexit'. How does this 'Brexit' affect the European intellectual property landscape, and more importantly, the Unitary patent system that was expected to enter into force in 2017? The 'Brexit'... read more

News Statistics

The Netherlands leading in Intellectual Property

The Netherlands is a leading country in Intellectual Property according to the Global Intellectual Property Index 2015 (GIPI) in which 43 important jurisdictions worldwide have been compared regarding the quality of the prosecution of Patents, Trademarks,... read more

Rechtspraak Hulppost Tunnel Doebros Rijkswaterstaat

Jurisprudence: Memo of government to market players prior art

Doebros BV is the proprietor of the now revoked European patent EP 1 224 954 for an emergency cabinet for a tunnel. Vriesendorp & Gaade assisted Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch government) with the nullification of this patent. Special note: both... read more

European Union

Increase in official fees at EPO and EUIPO (previously OHIM)

Although our service charges of 2015 in general continue apply to our services in 2016, the official bureaus regularly review and change their official fees. Read more about the changes to official fees at the European Patent... read more

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